Rental Agreement
Weddings and Commercial Events 

To confirm a reservation, a 50% Rental Security Deposit is required.

Reservation cancellations must be received within 30 days of the reserved date(s) so that the reserved date(s) can be released for use by others.

The Applicant’s Rental Security Deposit will be returned only if the Commission can rent the college building/grounds to another party for the reserved date(s).

Payment in full must be made 14 days, before the event.  In addition, a $300.00 Damage Deposit check must be provided at this time. The check will not be cashed unless there are damages to the building, furnishings, or grounds, or the building is left unclean (see Rental Considerations below).

Two-Day Rental of Building & Ground: $900.00

Please contact Rob Jones, Chairman (864-223-0920 office; 964-942-2456 cell; or Tommy O’Dell, Treasurer (864-229-0854 home; 864-981-8081 cell; for further inquiries or to schedule an event.

Please see Rental Contract as a pdf file here .
Rental Considerations

1.   The building and grounds must be cleaned and vacated by noon on the day following the event.  Use or occupancy of the building or grounds after noon the following day will result in forfeiture of the $300 Damage Deposit.

2.   The building and many of its furnishings are over 160 years old, and must be used with care and respect.  Any damage is the Applicant’s responsibility.

3.   Because of the building’s age, dancing is prohibited inside the college.

4.   Drink tubs or coolers are prohibited inside the building.

5.   Attachment of signs, decorations, or other materials to the painted ceilings or walls (including woodwork) is prohibited.

6.   Smoking is prohibited.  Cokesbury College, including the building and grounds are tobacco free.  

7.   Moving furniture, fixtures, plants, etc. (except folding chairs and tables) is prohibited.

8.   The Applicant is responsible for breakage, damage, or loss of all Cokesbury property, as determined by the Commission in its sole discretion.

9.   The Commission reserves the right to be represented at any event held in the college building or on the grounds.

10. Parking and Access

a.   Parking is available on the College Drive right-of-way, along the brick wall in front of the college building.

b.   Parking on the college grounds is restricted to (10) ten vehicles, and is limited to the gravel area on the right side of the college building.

c.   Driving on the lawns is permitted only with prior approval, and is limited to unloading or loading equipment and supplies.

11. Post-Event Cleaning

The Applicant is responsible for leaving the college building and grounds as neat and clean as they were found, by noon on the day following the event.
Rooms and halls will be swept and the kitchen floor will be mopped.
All trash in the building will be collected and removed.
The grounds will be cleared of all litter, cups, napkins, cans, etc.
Commission owned folding tables and chairs will be cleaned and stored.
Any damage to the college building, its contents, or landscaping will be reported to a Commission representative immediately.

12. Alcoholic Beverages

a.   The Commission does not have a license for serving alcoholic beverages, and will not be responsible for damage or injuries resulting from the use of alcoholic beverages.

b.   Serving or permitting the use of alcoholic beverages is at the Applicant’s sole risk.  The Applicant and all event attendees must abide by state and local laws concerning the use of alcohol.

c.   The Applicant hereby indemnifies and releases the Cokesbury College Historical and Recreational Commission from any liability or responsibility for any injury or accident that takes place on Cokesbury College property, including when Alcohol is served.  

If any of the above Rental Considerations are not complied with, the $300 Damage Deposit check will be cashed, and additional charges may be assessed commensurate with any related expense incurred by the Commission.   
Cultural and Educational Events 

There is a $100 rental fee for Cultural and Educational Events, but there is no deposit required.
Photography Sessions

There is a $100 per day fee for use of the building or grounds for photography sessions.  This fee is waived if the applicant contracts for the use of the building and grounds for a wedding.
2017 Wedding Schedule  

March 10 & 11                   - booked
March 17 & 18                   - booked
March 24 & 25                   - booked
April 7 & 8                             - booked
April 14 & 15                       - booked
April 21 & 22                       - booked
June 2 &3                              - booked
June 9 & 10                          - booked
August 4 & 5                        - booked
September 15 & 16         - booked  
September 22 & 23         - booked
September 29 & 30         - booked
October 6 & 7                     - booked
October 13 & 14               - booked
October 26 & 27               - booked

2018 Wedding Schedule

June 1 & 2                             - booked

2017 Events

April 29th                     -Antique Festival